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2019 Read to Dream Programme - Bookcrossing (Getting new books)2020-07-02 To 09-30Here we can see students going to the school library to choose books for the Read to Dream Programme. They were all so enthusiastic to find books they truly enjoy!
"Tell-a-Tale" Children's Storytelling Competition 2019/20 (Qualifier & Final Round)2020-06-27 (Saturday)"Tell-a-Tale" Children's Storytelling Competition requires participants to read stories aloud in three languages (English, Cantonese and Putonghua). Six students who were chosen to represent our school reached the qualifier round of the competition. The students are P2 CHOW JEFF MYRON and LING CHEUK HAN MICHELLE; P4 CHEN RAINY, P4 ZHOU TSZ YIU SELINA; P6 BAI YUHAN and LIN SZE MAN. However, some of them could not participate in this round due to the pandemic. For the final round, P2 LING CHEUK HAN MICHELLE won the third prize in category 1 and P3 CHEN RAINY won the second prize in category 2. We appreciate all the participants' efforts, and we also congratulate all the award-winning students!
Project NET “New Media Teaching Plan Competition” for Primary and Secondary School Teachers2020-02-03 To 04-30The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups organized a “New Media Teaching Plan Competition” for Primary and Secondary School teachers with sponsorship from the Quality Education Fund to encourage teachers to create new media teaching plans, to share their ideas with one another, to promote the development of new media education, and to enrich teaching resources. Our teacher Ms Leung Pui Sze joined the competition and was awarded a Silver Award in the primary school category with her teaching plan design “Rumor Terminator”.
"Tell-a-Tale" Children's Storytelling Competition 2019/202020-01-21 (Tuesday)A total of 155 students from our school joined the “Tell-a-Tale” children's storytelling competition sponsored by Teacup Productions. We first conducted an on-campus selection and 30 outstanding students were recommended to participate in the preliminary round. During the preliminary round, six outstanding students were then screened to represent our school to compete in the final round. The six students are now preparing to compete with students from other schools all over Hong Kong. The teachers and judges appreciate all the hard work of all the participating students and hope that the students who enter the final round will make the most of their talents!
Chinese New Year Fun Day2020-01-20 To 21Our school's Moral & Civic Education team and PTA co-hosted the Spring Festival Gathering on 20th and 21st January, 2020. The activity enhanced our students' interest in Chinese traditional culture and they learned more about our cultural traditions. Activities included: a competition for the best Chinese costume, a New Year traditions video sharing, some traditional Chinese handcrafts, Chinese New Year game booths, and Chinese New Year food tasting. Everyone enjoyed the activities very much! Our students had so much fun and learned a lot from these activities.
North District Area Inter-Primary School Basketball Competition2020-01-10 To 17Our school basketball teams participated in the North District Inter-Primary School Basketball Competition organized by the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation from January 10 to January 17. Both the boys' and girls' teams performed well and the boys' team won a Merit Award.
P2 to P6 Inter-class Games2020-01-06 To 15In January, the school held inter-class competitions for P2 to P6 students. The students prepared hard before competing in the games. During the competition, the students played hard, cheered their classmates on and showed good sportsmanship. Afterwards, the class teachers and students had post-game evaluations, showed appreciation to each classmate and reflected on their own personality strengths, all supporting a positive class atmosphere. The results of the competition are as follows: P2 Champion: 2A 1st runner-up: 2H 2nd runner-up: 2B P3 Champion: 3E 1st runner-up: 3G 2nd runner-up: 3A P4 Champion: 4D 1st runner-up: 4C 2nd runner-up: 4A P5 Champion:5E, 5F 2nd runner-up: 5A P6 Champion: 6B 1st runner-up: 6C
The North District Outstanding Students Election 2019-20202020-01-04 (Saturday)Congratulations to the following students for winning the awards: P3 Xiao Winston – Merit Award (Lower Primary) P6 Bai Yuhan – Merit Award & Multi-intelligence Team Award (Upper Primary) P6 Xu Ching Lam – Multi-intelligence Team Award (Upper Primary) The students are invited to attend the award ceremony on 15th February, 2020.
19-20 Annual School Trips2019-12-19 (Thursday)The long-awaited school trips were held on December 19, 2019. P1 students went to Tai Po Waterfront Park. P2 students visited Lai Chi Kok Park. P3 students went to Jordan Valley Park. P4 students went to Lions Nature Education Centre. P5 students went to Tai Lam Country Park. P6 students spent the day at the Tso Kung Tam Outdoor Recreation Centre. The weather was perfect on that day. All of the students and teachers had a wonderful time!
Mainland Exchange Programme (Dongguan) Study Tour 20192019-12-17 To 18Our P5 students joined the Mainland Exchange Programme (Dongguan) Study Tour on 17th-18th December, 2019. During the study tour, students learned about the Revolution of 1911, the biography of Mr. Sun Yat-sen, the struggle of Mr. Sun's reform ideals and his contributions to the country. Through studying the history of the destruction of opium at Humen, students learned about the importance of protecting our country and never giving up. Students also learned to take care of, share with and to love one another. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the EDB, the staff of Bestlink EduCulture Hub (H.K.) and to the teachers for their kind assistance.
P.6 Education Camp2019-12-16 To 18Our P6 students attended an exciting 3 day and 2 night education camp in Cheung Chau. They did a project on the Environment, visited Cheung Po Tsai Cave and had parties in the evening. Through this camp, students learnt to care for each other, appreciate each other and learn from each other. After visiting some scenic spots in Cheung Chau, they also learned the importance of environmental protection. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to both the coaches of The Caritas Jockey Club Oi Fai Camp and to the teachers for their assistance.
P2 Integrated Studies Class – “Pass the Ball” Game2019-12-12 (Thursday)In order to enhance students' sense of belonging to the class and cultivate their ability to collaborate with others, teachers conducted a game called "Pass the Ball" in the Integrated Studies class. Students had to work together in groups of 10 to transport small balls to their destination. The game tested the students on their patience and wisdom. During the activity, the students participated actively and experienced the importance of unity in order to achieve success. Everyone had an unforgettable lesson.
2019/20 PTA Annual General Meeting and 6th PTA Executive Committee Election2019-12-06 (Friday)The 2019 PTA Executive Committee Election was successfully held on Dec 6th 2019. During the meeting, both the 2018/19 Annual and Financial Reports were reviewed, and an election was held to select the 6th PTA executive committee members. Afterwards the first committee meeting was held. The individuals chosen for the positions were elected by the executive committee members themselves within the executive committee.
2019-2020 North District Area Inter-Primary School Athletics Competition2019-12-05 To 06Our school's athletes joined the North District Area Inter-Primary School Athletics Competition on December 5th and 6th, 2019. Our team received the following awards: one champion, two 1st runner-ups, two 2nd runner-ups, two 3rd runner-ups, Boys A Team 3rd runner-up and Girls B Team 7th place. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our principal for her encouragement, to the parents for their support and to the teachers and staff for their assistance.
Mathematics Treasure Hunt Activity2019-12-02 To 05To enrich students’learning experience, we held a Mathematics Treasure Hunt Activity for P.4 to P.6 students. Our students were eager to work out the different math problems and enjoyed the activity very much.
Hong Kong Districts Primary School Rope Skipping Championships2019-12-01 (Sunday)About 40 students from our school participated in the Hong Kong Districts Primary School Rope Skipping Championships on December 1st. We won 1st runner-up in both the North District boys' and girls' overall results. We also won 18 individual championships, 31 individual 1st runner-ups, 3 group runner-ups, 10 individual 2nd runner-ups, 1 group 2nd runner-up, 4 individual 3rd runner-ups and 1 group 3rd runner-up.
71st Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival 20192019-11-29 To 12-06P2 CHOW JEFF MYRON won 1st prize in the P1-2 Boys English Solo Verse Speaking competition on 29th November, 2019. P6 BAI YUHAN won 2nd runner-up in the P5-6 Girls Putonghua Solo Verse Speaking competition on 3rd December, 2019. P6 KAN WAI YAN won 1st runner-up in the P6 Girl Cantonese Solo Verse Speaking competition on 3rd December, 2019. P5 WU XINENG won 2nd runner-up in the P5 Boys English Solo Verse Speaking competition on 4th December, 2019. P2 ZENG GAVIN won 2nd runner-up in the P1-2 Boys English Solo Verse Speaking competition on 5th December, 2019. P5 WONG WING TUNG won 1st prize in the P5 Girls Cantonese Solo Verse Speaking competition on 6th December, 2019. P3 LI AARON won 1st prize in the P5 Boys English Solo Verse Speaking competition on 12th December, 2019. A huge thank you to all the teachers for their hard work in training the students and also congratulations to all the winners.
71st Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival 20192019-11-28 (Thursday)Great news! Our school’s Chinese choral speaking and English choral speaking were both awarded the following prizes: Chinese Choral Speaking 2nd runner-up English Choral Speaking 2nd runner-up
2019-2020 North District Area Inter-Primary Schools Football Competition2019-11-05 To 12-20Our boys’ and girls’ football teams participated in the 2019 – 2020 North District Area Inter-Primary Schools Football Competition from 5th November 2019 – 20th December 2019. Both teams performed brilliantly! Our boys’ team won the 1st runner-up. Our girls’ team were champions. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our principal for her encouragement, to our PE teachers for their guidance and to the parents for their support.
Halloween Activities2019-10-29 (Tuesday)Students celebrated Halloween by wearing funny costumes and going trick-or-treating at school. They also recited some Halloween chants and watched some Halloween cartoons during lunch. Most of our students dressed up for the Best Costume Competition. What a happy day!
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