Gifted Education and Student Support

We strive to offer all-round development for our students in a way that each of them can develop and foster their own talents taking care of what their genuine needs are; therefore they can happily and healthily grow up in our warm and peaceful family. There are three main concerning areas regarding Student Support:


1) Nurture of gifted students:

‧ Providing appropriate training courses, activities and competitions for gifted students to fulfill their talents thus fostering and boosting their diversified abilities

‧ Establishing a school-based gifted curriculum to equip gifted students.

‧Building up a talent bank so as to meet students’ learning needs and take care of the diversified abilities among students in an all-round manner, equipping more talented students

‧ Encouraging students to take part in external award schemes

 Principles under which the above policies are implemented:

‧ Gifted Education is popularized while Popularized Education is “gifted”

‧ Despite Gifted Education being one of the key elements in Quality Education, the basic learning needs of both gifted and non-gifted students have to be met

‧ Three main elements in defining giftedness are emphasized: critical thinking, creativity and personal and interpersonal skills

‧ The scope of the definition of giftedness has to be enlarged with incorporation of diversified intelligence

‧ A diversified and consistent range of educational activities are offered


2) Student Support

‧ Identifying and supporting students with special needs

‧ Assisting students with special educational needs by making adjustments on the curriculum and assessment criteria

‧ Arranging speech therapy service and planning different types of teaching and learning methods in catering for varied learning needs among students

 Principles under which the above policies are implemented:

‧Coordination of all supporting measures is emphasized so as to offer equal opportunity of receiving education to our students and let them grow up healthily

 ‧Different types of teaching and learning groups are arranged to meet learning needs of all students

 ‧Social resources are better utilized and it is important that students with learning difficulties are identified and given appropriate guidance at a timely manner, therefore all students can be offered learning support and higher degree of participation

 ‧All teachers work together on formulating, promoting and reviewing teaching and learning plans; we have to make full use of cooperative learning methods for classroom teaching and learning so as to meet the needs of individual students; the varied qualities and learning abilities among students have to be carefully identified as one of the key references and resources for teaching and learning


3) Student Support for Learning and Life :

‧Coordinating School-based after-school Learning and Support Plan

‧Coordinating The Hong Kong Jockey Club Life-wide Learning Fund

‧Coordinating New Immigrant Children from Mainland China Support Plan

‧Arranging enhancement groups



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