Information on the Application for Primary One Wait-listed Places

To Parents of Applicants applying for Primary One Wait-listed Places


Our school is grateful for your support and interest. The first round of the selection process for the Primary One Wait-listed Places next year has been completed. All students who have successfully entered the second round selection interviews have already received a telephone call from the school. We regret to inform you that your application has not been successful if you have not yet received a telephone call from us.


We recognize that each parent has put in a lot of effort in making the student portfolios for their child. From the portfolios, we could look deeply into each child’s learning, everyday life and their strengths and abilities. The members of the selection committee were impressed by the students’ short videos, artwork and photos of their daily lives because these items vividly showed us all the applying parents’ love for their children. Many students scored a high mark in Part A (Student Portfolios) of the first round of the selection process.


Whether the students can enter the second round of selection depends a lot on whether they can obtain the core 7 points in Part B (Order of Preference of Our School). Due to these criteria, even if certain students showed better learning performance, some were not able to enter the second round of selection because they were not able to obtain the core 7 points in Part B. In many cases this was because they did not apply for our school at either the Discretionary Places Admission Stage or the Central Allocation Stage.


Our school would like to thank you all once again for your support to our school. Parents of applicants who failed to enter the second round interviews should not be discouraged. We believe that your child will grow up happily in any environment and challenges under your love and care.


Should you wish to retrieve your child’s student portfolio, please come to our reception hall at Ching Shing campus before 17th July, 2020 during office hours Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm. For any enquiries, please contact Ms. Kwong at the school office at 26711071.

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