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2019-06-30 (Sunday)Student Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme
2019-06-28 (Friday)Environmental Campaign Committee Poster Design Competition
2019-05-20 (Monday)North District Inter-School Swimming Competition體育
2019-05-09 (Thursday)TWGHs Joint Primary Schools Swimming Gala體育
2019-04-27 (Saturday)TOEFL Junior Standard Test學術
2019-04-06 (Saturday)TWGHs Joint Primary Schools STEM Competition學術
2019-03-31 (Sunday)MathConceptition 2019學術
2019-03-24 To 05-12Asia International Mathematical Olympiad Open Contest 2019學術
2019-03-23 (Saturday)13th Daily Readers ‘Read Out Loud’ Competition學術
2019-03-16 (Saturday)Elites in Chinese Scheme 2018/19學術
2019-03-16 (Saturday)STEM Learning Fair 2019學術
2019-03-14 (Thursday)The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Mathematics Assessment 2019學術
2019-03-08 (Friday)The 55th Schools Dance Festival – Children Dance體育
2019-03-06 (Wednesday)The 55th Schools Dance Festival – Western Dance體育
2019-03-03 (Sunday)The 26th Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad School Competition (P2-P6)學術
2019-03-01 (Friday)All HK Inter-Area Primary Schools Athletics Competition體育
2019-02-27 To 03-27The 71st Hong Kong Schools’ Music Festival (Recorder Group & Individual Events)藝術
2019-01-28 (Monday)“Good Mood, Good Day” Story writing competition學術
2019-01-26 (Saturday)Elites in Mathematics Competition 2018/19 (Primary)學術
2019-01-06 To 04-14China National Mathematical Olympiad-Hua Xia Cup 2019學術
2019-01-05 (Saturday)The North District Outstanding Students Election 2018-2019
2018-12-16 (Sunday)The 13th Speaking Contest for Hong Kong Students學術
2018-12-08 (Saturday)The 16th P6 Academic Contest學術
2018-12-08 (Saturday)The 14th Hong Kong Joint Primary School Mathematics Competition (North District)學術
2018-12-06 To 072018-2019 North District Area Inter-Primary School Athletics Competition體育
2018-12-02 (Sunday)TWGHs Joint Primary School Soccer Competition體育
2018-11-02 To 132018 – 2019 North District Area Inter-Primary Schools Football Competition體育
2018-10-30 (Tuesday)TWGHs Joint Primary Schools Sports Day體育
2018-10-08 To 22All HK Inter-Primary School 5-a-side Football Competition 2018-2019體育
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