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1. Enrich students' language learning experience, including the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing; formulate specific learning priorities and competency levels for each of the four skills, and comprehensively develop students' comprehensive language skills.

2. Strengthen the study of the Chinese culture and cultivate students' understanding, reflection and recognition of the Chinese culture.

3. Cultivate thinking and thinking qualities, encourage independent thinking, critical thinking, and creativity.

4. Improve students' reading interest, broaden students' variety of reading, increase the amount students read, accumulate knowledge and language materials, and expand students' vision.



School-based curriculum

In order to help students master the use of Chinese characters, teachers designed a school-based curriculum for the P.1 students to help them to memorize the characters, to distinguish between new words, to stimulate their interest in learning and thinking and to cultivate students' ability to recognize Chinese characters.

In order to improve students' cultural literacy and cultivate students' positive values, the school has designed a curriculum for the P.1-P.3 students. Various stories of filial virtue are prepared to let students learn about famous Chinese people.

Teaching of Composition

In terms of composition, in addition to teaching reading and writing skills, creative elements are included, so that students' can exhibit and develop their creativity. In addition, some writing topics will be arranged in a group cooperative learning mode to increase students' participation in learning. This should help achieve the goal of interaction among students. Through discussion, students can learn to organize the content of the article and stimulate each other's thinking.

In order to develop a culture of peer evaluation, P.5 and P.6 students complete a simple feedback form after reviewing one another's work.  Moreover, parents' evaluations will be conducted at least once per term in both P.5 and P.6, so that parents can learn about the writing performance of their children.

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