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School Picnic

Our school arranges school picnics in autumn or winter every year. Students can learn to socialize and get along with their peers through play and chat, build up friendships and just simply enjoy and appreciate the nature.

Christmas party

The annual Christmas party is one of the days the students look forward to the most. The day is divided into two sessions: activities in the school hall (introduction to Christmas, singing Christmas carols, inter-class games, teachers' and students' performances, lucky draw, etc.) and classroom party (individual performances, games, food parties, etc.).

P.6 Education Camp

The education camp is the most memorable activity for our P.6 students. Every year the school arranges a three-day education camp for the P.6 students to go to Cheung Chau or Sai Kung in winter. The camp instructors lead the students to participate in various activities, among which the most popular are exploring Cheung Po Tsai Cave and stargazing activities.

Healthy Sports Day

In order to enable students to have more opportunities to participate in track and field sports events and to increase their interest in sports in general, our school organizes a healthy sports day at the North District Sports Ground every year. The events include 60m and 100m races, long jump, shot put, parent-child athletics, inter-class relay, teacher-student relay and cheerleading competitions. In recent years, as many as 1,000 students have participated in the competitions, and more than 1,000 parents have watched the games, participated in parent-child competitions, and helped out as voluntary referees.

Inter-Class Ball Games

In order to enhance the students' sense of belonging to their class, encourage participation in sports events and select potential students to join the different school teams. Every year our school organizes inter-class ball games during the post-examination period at the end of the 2nd term. We hope that through these games, our students can learn that winning at friendship is more important than winning a game.

MKC Talent show

The annual talent show is an annual event in our school, with an average of 300 students participating in the performance each year. The school aims to promote comprehensive arts education and allow students who have outstanding performance in extracurricular activities to show their strengths, while also allowing parents to witness the results of our students' hard work.

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