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STEM Sir Reading Workshop 2023-2024

Our school invited STEM teacher Mr. Tang to the school to talk about "STEM Elements in Life" to our P.3 students. Mr. Tang also introduced some books about Hong Kong history and scientific knowledge so that our students can learn more about scientific knowledge in life through reading!

4.23 World Book Day 2022-23

In response to the 4.23 World Book Day and to encourage students to read more, we had a reading day at school. There were a number of reading-related activities on that day, including guest speakers sharing picture books about caring for animals, teachers sharing their recommended books and a book cover design competition. Booksellers were also invited to the school to hold a book fair. The students had a great time participating in all the fruitful activities.

Library-On-Wheels 2022-2023

Our school participated in the "Joyful Reading at Your Neighbourhood: Library-on-Wheels" Project organized by the Hong Kong Public Libraries. During the event, our students watched a drama performance acted out by professional children's drama instructors. They performed scenes from "Pinocchio" and our students also had the chance to help out with the performance! After watching the performance, they were asked to make a craft related to the story.

Besides watching the show, our students had the chance to get aboard the special "Library-On-Wheels" to play games, read and borrow books. Everyone had a wonderful time!

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