Environmental Education

MKC Campus Environmental Protection Policy

1. Save energy

(a) Classrooms and special rooms can turn on at most half of the air conditioners in the room at a time.

(b) Lights, fans, air conditioners and other electrical appliances are turned off when leaving the classrooms or the special rooms.

(c) All taps are turned off after use.

(d) Self-closing taps are used.


2. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

(a) Teaching staff make good use of IT for communication and dissemination of information.

(b) Use electronic notices and instant messages to communicate with parents.

(c) Use double-sided printing.

(d) Students and staff make good use of recycled paper.

(e) Teaching staff reuse old envelopes.

(f) Set up plastic bottle recycling bins.

(g) Monitor the amount of paper used in schools.

(h) Set up a kitchen waste recycling machine.


3. Environmental Protection Activities

(a) Implement various green activities, such as the One Person, One Flower Scheme.

(b) Organize activities such as environmental protection workshops, environmental protection theatre, etc., to raise teachers’ and students’ environmental protection awareness.

(c) Promote a food wise culture.

(d) Encourage students to use handkerchiefs and water bottles.

(e) Build a team of environmental protection prefects who assist in the implementation of activities, and promote an environmental protection culture.

4. Environmental Protection Procurement (the following factors must be considered when purchasing for the school)

(a) Must comply with all environmental legislation.

(b) Suitable for recycling, are manufactured with more recycled materials, have less packaging and are more durable.

(c) Meet higher energy efficiency requirements.

(d) Use environmentally-friendly technologies or low-polluting fuels.

(e) Emit less irritating, toxic substances when installed or used, produce or contain less toxic substances when disposed of.

(f) Consider the Environmental Protection Department's Environmental Specifications.

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