Physical Education


1. To promote the health of school children through physical activities, so that they can achieve all-round development and good physical fitness.

2. To cultivate students' virtuous character, sense of fairness and good sportsmanship.

3. To cultivate students' sense of responsibility and belonging, and to help students understand the importance of cooperation and teamwork.

4. To help students develop graceful and refined physical movements through dance, gymnastics and other activities, and to cultivate their appreciation for aesthetic and cultural values, such as movements and manners, etc.

5. To strengthen students' observational skills and analytical skills, judgment, adaptability and creativity.

6. To cultivate students' positive attitudes and interests towards sports, so that they can actively participate in sports in their daily life, and develop the habit of exercising in the future.



Every year, we organize a variety of sporting activities for our students to participate in, so as to develop their diverse abilities and develop the positive habit of exercising every day. In addition to the PE lessons, we have a wide range of activities for our students to choose from. Students can choose the sporting activities that best suit them and their interests.

Professional Training

In addition, we have established school teams and training classes for activities such as basketball, football, swimming, table tennis, mini tennis, rope skipping and track and field classes, etc. Professional coaches are hired to come to the school for training, so that students can be professionally trained and participate in various inter-school competitions to enrich their life and learning experiences.

In-class Experts

Students in P.2 and P.3 focus on at least one activity each year (P.2: football and rope skipping; P.3: swimming). In the first term, students try out the activity and they explore their potential. In the second term, students with outstanding performances in those activities will be selected for more in-depth training in order for them to further develop their skills.

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