Physical Education


1. To enhance students’ physical healthiness including that of nerves, muscles, bones and other parts of the body so as to achieve psycho-physically all-round development through participation in sports practices;

2. To nurture students in possessing virtuous character, sense of fairness and progressive sports spirit through implementation of all kinds of games and physical education activities;

3.To help students realize the importance of cooperation in group work and foster sense of responsibility and belonging among students by providing guidance in all kinds of games and sports practices;

4. To help students shape elegant physique in nurtured admiration for postures and gestures through participation of activities such as dance and gymnastics;

5. To strengthen students observational skills, analytical skills, judgmental ability, adaptability and creativity when taking part in different kinds of activities and physical exercises;

6. To foster students’ positive attitudes and interests towards sports so that they can actively engage in daily exercises for physical fitness and thus willing to regularly take part in healthy leisure activities.



Brief introduction of Physical Education:

We organize various kinds of sports practices in the hope of providing opportunities for our students to display their diversified abilities and helping them make daily exercise a habit. Beyond the regular class schedule, we hold different forms of physical education activities from which students can choose their most interested sports to have practices thus improving their fitness level. Students talented in specific types of sports are encouraged to join our school sports team and receive professional guidance by our experienced coaches. Taking part in different types of competitions can also enrich students’ school life.

Introduction of in-school activities:

We organize different types of physical education activities including Healthy Exercise Club, Interclass Ball Games, Basketball Team, Football Team, Swimming Team, Table Tennis Team, Gymnastics Team and Athletics Team. Our department also arranges a variety of physical education activities before morning assembly and break or recess time with an aim to help students make daily exercise a habit.

External Competitions:

We are active in the participation of Interschool Sports Day, Interschool Ball Games and different competitions organized by The Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation in the hope that students can build up their confidence and build on their strengths. Our students perform very well particularly in football and basketball matches.


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