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Student Support

The school puts great emphasis on the holistic education of students and is committed to establishing an inclusive culture on campus, so that students of different abilities can play their talents and enjoy a happy campus life.


The school supports students with special learning needs in a whole school approach, and has established a student support team to coordinate school resources, draw up support plans for students in need, and monitor the progress of relevant students.


The school provides the following support measures for students with special educational needs:


1. School-based educational psychologists

Educational psychologists provide the school with early identification, support and follow-up services for Primary One, conduct assessments or referral services for relevant students, and provide learning and support suggestions for individual students and parents.


2. School-based speech therapy services

The school’s speech therapists provide individual, group and class-based speech therapy services according to the needs of students, and regularly provide professional advice and training to relevant parents and teachers.


3. Pull-out teaching approach (Class S)

In order to more effectively cater for individual learning differences, we have a pull-out approach in teaching in different subjects. According to the students' abilities, teachers reinforce the basic skills from the syllabus of the course and design worksheets with difference levels of difficulty to consolidate the students' learning foundation and enhance the students' confidence in learning.


4. Collaborative teaching

The school arranges teacher assistants to conduct collaborative teaching with teachers in individual classrooms, so that less able students can get more attention and support.


5. Remedial classes

Provide more effective learning support for students with lower learning ability during tutorial or after class, and consolidate the foundation of the subject.


6. After-school support group

The school organizes different support groups after class, and arranges training courses for literacy, concentration and social skills according to the needs and abilities of students.


7. Early Identification and Intervention Programme for P1 Students with Learning Difficulties

Use the "Primary One Observation Checklist for Teachers" compiled by the Education Bureau to identify Primary One students with learning difficulties. The Student Support Team will refer to the scale data, discuss with teachers and related personnel, determine the identification results of individual students, and arrange learning support for students in need as soon as possible.


8. Parent Support

In order to strengthen parent emotional support and equip parents with the skills to take care of students with special learning needs at home, parent seminars, workshops and community information sharing are held regularly.


9. Course syllabus, homework and assessment adjustment

According to the learning needs of individual students, the amount of teaching content and the amount of homework can be adjusted. Assessments can also be adjusted based on the suggestions and reports from educational psychologists.


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