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There are various types of art interest classes for our students to join. They learn happily and their temperament is cultivated.

Classes that fall into the visual art category are as follows:

  • Drama Class
  • English Art and Crafts Class
  • Clay Creation Class
  • Acrylic Class
  • Pottery Class
  • Calligraphy Class
  • Recitation (Solo recitation, Choral recitation)
  • 藝術大使培訓班
  • Art Ambassador Training Class


Art Ambassador Training Class

Our visual arts teachers organize after-school training workshops for students who have the potential and interest in art. Teachers often encourage students to participate in large-scale art exhibitions, so that students' works can be displayed and recognized by the public.


Recitation Development

Recitation cultivates the art of voice and emotion expressions of our students. It also cultivates our students’ appreciation and analysis of literary works. Our school encourages students to participate in recitation training and competitions each year. Every year, we participate in the speech festival competition in Hong Kong and a large portion of our students receive top three awards and excellent results, especially in Chinese and English choral speaking.

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