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The school attaches great importance to students' English development, expressive skills, and STEM research capabilities, and actively cultivates students' self-learning abilities and spirit of inquiry.

Classes that fall into the academic category are as follows:

  • English Elite team (taught by NET teachers)
  • North District Schools English Reading Ambassador Scheme (ERAS)
  • Cambridge English Course
  • Speaking Skills Class
  • Phonics Class
  • English Scientist Class
  • English Reading and Writing Class
  • Chinese Creative Writing Class
  • Mathematical Olympiad Class
  • Little Genius LEGO Robot Creation Class
  • Robotic Robots Creation Class
  • Mechanical Engineer Class
  • Electronic Building Block Class
  • Drone Interest Class
  • STEM Training Class


English Elite team

The school aims at improving students' English abilities and so English Elite Classes are arranged for P.4-6 students. There are approximately 20 to 40 elite students in each level. Through increased interactions and fun classroom activities with NET teachers, students' English proficiency improve spontaneously.


Mathematical Olympiad Class

The school also places great importance on the mathematical development of students. Through observations of students’ mathematical performance in P.1, starting from P.2, the school invites about 20 students to join the Mathematical Olympiad class each year. The students receive training from professional instructors and our teachers encourage our students to participate in various types of competitions. Students have repeatedly won gold, silver and bronze awards in major mathematics competitions and have all performed well.

Ching Shing (Main Campus)
: 2 Ching Shing Road, Sheung Shui, N.T.
: 2671 1071
:2671 1079
Choi Yuen (Annex)
:Choi Yuen Estate, Sheung Shui, N.T.
: 2606 7891
:2606 7232
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