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Workshops on National Flag-raising Ceremony

Our members of the school's flag-raising team participated in the "Flag-raising Ceremony Workshop" organized by the Association of Hong Kong Flag Guards.

Uniformed Group

Grasshopper Scout

This aims to offer an activity beneficial to the physical and mental development of P.1 to P.3 students. A Grasshopper Scout is encouraged to have active participation through group games. You can enjoy access to a series of new type of exposure provoking their thinking and imaginative power so as to develop more interests. More importantly, you can learn to lead a healthy life by being able to be independent while having a happy group life.

Cub Scout

Being a Cub Scout is definitely a wonderful experience. Under the guidance of young leaders of the Cub Scouts, you can learn a range of scouting and life skills through games, services and group work, therefore you can display your own potential and creativity and be further fostered the sense of responsibility by taking care of the others. Choosing to be Cub Scout can help students from P.4 to P.6 nurture their physical and mental development.

Community Youth Club (CYC)

The objective of the CYC is to provide our P.4-P.6 students with education outside the school curriculum to enhance their sense of civic responsibility. Through visits to community service organizations, CYC members can experience personally the work of these institutions and learn to be a caring person with a passion for active participation in community affairs.

Junior Police Call

The purpose of the Junior Police Call is to encourage and improve communication and mutual understanding between the Police and the youths of Hong Kong. It is also hoped to foster Police-youth partnership in the fight against crime, develop young people's sense of responsibilities towards the society and to instill positive values in them. The Junior Police Call provides a wide range of activities and training to cultivate members' leadership skills and equip them to become future leaders.

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