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Lunch Arrangement

Lunch period is from 11:55a.m. to 12:55p.m. and the catering methods of students differ :

Parental delivery of lunchbox

Parents can place the lunchbox wrapped up in an environmentally-friendly bag with the attached student's name and class tag into the designated collection box at the Reception Hall from 11:20a.m. to 11:40a.m. for our janitorial staff's delivery of these lunchboxes to the corresponding floor. (For safety reason, parents should use lunchbox with plastic or stainless steel inner layers.)

Students bringing their own lunchbox to school

Students can bring with their own lunchbox to school in the morning.

Parental order for lunchbox from school lunch supplier

School lunch supplier for thsi academic school year is Fit For Life Luncheon & Catering Services Limited with daily fee of a lunchbox at $20.

The supplier will distribute the order sheet to parents in every mid-month to complete and pay the fee according to the required payment method. Parents are asked to submit the order sheet and the fee to the class teacher.

Sick leave and personal leave: Parents can call the lunch supplier by phone 2662-2202 or Whatsapp 6101-9865 before 9:00a.m. on the day to cancel the meal (void after 9:00a.m.). For details, please refer to the instructions on the order form.  The fee concerned will be automatically deducted from the order form next month.

If students take part in external competitions regardless of the number of participating days, he or she will be returned the paid fee according to the number of the days with confirmation notice from the Teacher-in-charge.

# To achieve environmental protection and minimize the production of unnecessary wastes, all students should bring their own cutleries (such as fork, spoon and chopsticks).

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