Past News

2021-09-20STEM Knowledge Contest

Our school participated in the STEM Knowledge Contest co-organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers and the Hong Kong STEM Education Alliance, and won 2nd runner-up in the primary school category. The school would like to thank the students for putting so much effort into the competition, and hope that they will continue to learn more about STEM and its development in our society.

2021-09-03P.1 Orientation Day

Our P.1 students and parents were all super excited to attend the P.1 Orientation Day. They found out more about MKC by meeting and talking with the teachers and participating in fun orientation activities. We hope that our P.1 students can settle in well into the MKC family as soon as possible!

Ching Shing (Main Campus)
: 2 Ching Shing Road, Sheung Shui, N.T.
: 2671 1071
:2671 1079
Choi Yuen (Annex)
:Choi Yuen Estate, Sheung Shui, N.T.
: 2606 7891
:2606 7232
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