Book Recommendation
Mr Kung Chi Kit, Edwin

Title: The 5 Senses

Author: Nuria Roca

Illustrator: Rosa M. Curto

The book is about:

Now, try to close your eyes. What sound can you hear? What can you smell? Can you feel the breeze around you? Sometimes we rely too much on our eyes. You would find this world much more interesting and fun if you try to explore all of our 5 senses. With our tongue to taste, eyes to see, ears to listen , a nose to smell and the skin to touch and feel, you will find discovering the world through your 5 senses a very challenging adventure!

Miss Kwan Sze Kan

Title: Shoo, Fly Guy!

Author: Tedd Arnold

Illustrator: Tedd Arnold

The book is about:

Do you have a pet?Yes? A dog ? A cat ?A fish ? A bird?No? Do you want one?In this funny story, a boy called Buzz has a little pet.It is a fly. Why does he keep a fly as a pet?What does he do with his fly?Where does his fly sleep?What does his fly like to eat?Is his fly cute?Try to find out the answers in the book!Maybe you want to keep a fly as your pet after reading this book!But don’t forget to ask your mum first!

Miss Yip Fung Ying

Title: I Can Save the Ocean!

Author: Alison Inches

Illustrator: Viviana Garofoli

The book is about:

Having picnics on the beach is fun!Having bubble baths at home is fun!However, where is the waste and soapsuds going to?Most probably, they will all go into the ocean!Do you want to swim with the dirty trash?Do you want to eat a fish that is poisoned by the trash?Read it! You will find you can be one of the heroes to save the ocean!

Miss Chung Mei Ying

Title: Sizzles is completely not here

Author: Lauren Child

Illustrator: Tiger Aspect Productions Limited

The book is about:

Charlie has a little sister, Lola. They have a dog, Sizzles.One day, they did not find Sizzles.They looked for Sizzles everywhere. Where was Sizzles?Try to find out in this book.

Miss Chan Miu Kin

Title: The story of Easter

Author: Patricia A. Pingry

Illustrator: Rebecca Thornburg

The book is about:    

What is the real meaning of Easter? How do people celebrate Easter?To eat and make Easter eggs?To meet friends? To go to parties?To go to church to sing about Jesus?    Find the answers from the book. You will know how good Jesus Christ’s love for us. He gave His life for everyone in the world. He especially loves children. Jesus 

Miss Li Mong

Title: Weird but true! 3: 300 outrageous facts

Author: /

Publisher: National Geographic Society

The book is about:

Do you know that an octopus has three hearts? Do you know that humans can make 10,000 different facial expressions?  This book tells you more than 300 interesting facts about animals, the human body, weather, food and more! Don’t worry about the words you don’t know when you read because there are many fun photos and illustrations to help you understand!

Miss Leung Tun Yu

Title: The Case of the Perfect Prank(惡作劇)

Author: James Preller

Illustrator: ---

The book is about:

Do you like detective stories(偵探小說)?  This book is one of the ‘Jigsaw Jones Mystery’ series.  This book is especially suitable for P.4-6 students.
Jigsaw Jones is a student.  He is also a detective.  He solves mysteries with his partner, Mila.
The story started on April Fools’ Day.  Do you play tricks on others?  What happens if you play tricks on others in return?  Let’s find out!
Hope you will enjoy reading it!

Miss Ho Yuen Han

Title: Usborne Look Inside Science

Author: Minna Lacey

Illustrator: Stefano Tognetti

The book is about:

This is a flap book which introduces young children to the wonders of science.

Miss Pang Siu Chi

Title: Ice Mummy

Author: Mark Dubowski and Cathy East Dubowski


The book is about:

It is about the discovery of a 5,000-year-old man. Two hikers in the mountain see something odd in the snow. It’s a mummy! Who is he? How did he get there?

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