e-Learning in Schools

Precautions for using iPad

In order for our students to learn well using iPads, parents should pay attention to the following points:

1) Students must bring their iPad to school every day except for outdoor learning or special class arrangements.

2) Students must not use their iPads on the way to and from school.

3) Students must pay attention to the iPad battery level. If the battery level is less than 60%, it needs to be charged.

4) Rules for using iPad at home should be discussed, so that students understand that the main purpose of using an iPad is for learning only.

5) The MDM control system has been installed in the iPads of most students. The school can block the Internet access function of the iPad, that is, students cannot access the Internet when they return home (but it will not affect the students' eClass homework submission or Zoom lessons). If parents feel that there is such a need, please contact Mr. Yip Dickson.

6) Students must not set passwords, download or delete programmes or Apps on the iPad.

7) Students must not log in to Apple ID.

8) Students must not update the iOS/iPadOS system by themselves since some applications may not work properly on the new system.

9) Please let the students' iPad be connected to the Wifi at home.

10) Parents are expected to check and appreciate students' effort in finishing their electronic homework.

11) Parents are expected to encourage students to use the English e-book to study.

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