Belief and Vision

We believe each child is unique in a way that they possess their own potential in sheer need of encouragement and support so as to confidently craft out a bright future with every success on the path. Therefore, our curriculum is designed in the hope of highlighting and achieving the following goals: “Cultivating Critical Thinking Skills in our students in a Diversified Learning Environment through Interactive Participation encourages Successful Experiences and Potential Display with Ensured Responsive Support.” Being one of the metropolitan citizens, fostering bilingual or trilingual language skills is of utmost importance with an emphasis of English usage promoting expressive ability in our student-centered curriculum.

           To achieve the above goals, we have the following missions:

  1. To build an enriched English Learning and Teaching environment fully supported by Native-English speaking Teachers;
  1. To effectively arouse students’ interests in learning English with our English phonetics-based curriculum;
  1. To cater for varied learning needs of our students with proper use of collaborative learning and teaching strategies;
  1. To offer appropriate coursework and individual counselling through proper allocation of tutorial lessons;
  1. To equip gifted students in an all-round manner by optimizing classroom environment and employing pull-out format;
  1. To foster students’ versatility by conducting themed lessons, such as Moral and Civic Education all-round learning activities, and holding tailor-made learning activities.


        We hope that our students can acquire the following characteristics:


      “Book-lover, English-lover, Active participant, Capable communicatorandCritical thinker.

        With  our dedication to nurturing our students, they are sincerely hoped to develop the following characters:

        Self-disciplined and Loving, Proactive, Self-motivated and High-achieving.


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