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English Writing Competition (Junior Primary)

1st Prize

沈鴻宇  SHEN HUNG YU  (P3)

    In the photo, I am very excited because it is Award Day. When it starts, I

go to line up and the teachers show us how to get a prize. A minute later,

our class is the first to get a prize, and the principal, Miss Fung, comes to

the stage to take a photo with us! We are all very excited! I am happy to

have this prize because this is the first prize I have ever received.



2nd Prize

郭鎧棋  KWOK HOI KI  (P2)

    My name is Miki Kwok. I am seven years old. My school is TWGHs Ma Kam

Chan Memorial Primary School.

    This photo was taken one year ago. Miss T. is my English teacher. She taught

us to make pudding. We learnt many things in English about pudding. We were

happy because we could eat the pudding in the next lesson. I love my school very




3rd Prize


    My school is very big and beautiful. My favourite place in the school is the library.

    The library is on the second floor. It is not big, but it is very bright and clean. Many

teachers and students often go to the library to read books. There are many books.

Sometimes I read books about animals or interesting stories. Sometimes I share books

with friends and enjoy our time in the library.

    I really like the library and I am always happy in school.




涂凱文  TU KEVIN  (P3)


    At Halloween, I was at school. We all dressed up for Trick or Treat. People in this

photo were those who won the best costume in their classes. I was not in the photo,

as I went to the art room to fold paper with my P.2 class teacher. She gave me some

sweets. We learnt how to fold the paper into a bat and it was interesting.

    I think it was a fun day and Halloween was not scary.





    Look at this photo. Am I very smart? I won the second place in the ‘Fun to Move'

 competition. On that day, my classmates, teachers and I went to the school hall. Later,

Mr. Fong took a photo of us. The principal gave us awards. We were very happy.





    My school has a hall and it is on the first floor. We often go there to have assemblies.

I joined the English story activity there and had a great time. I received my first award there.

My school is very beautiful and I love it a lot. I will study hard and take care of the school


English Writing Competition (Senior Primary)

1st Prize

趙瑞麒  CHIU SHUI KEI  (P6)

    I took this photo in the year 2018. I still remember the grand opening

ceremony. All the guests, teachers, students and parents couldn't wait to

start. I was a bit worried because I was the host of the ceremony. My classmates

and I stood near the stage. We had to think about what we needed to say.

    After the guests had come, the band started to perform. After that,

some schoolmates walked on the stage, sang the school song and the

national anthem. Then, we had a drama. The drama was called 'Let's fly,

dream makers!'

    I thought, 'What a great show!' Then, my classmate and I made a speech

on the new stage.

    I was one of the lucky students in my new school who had a chance to

take part in the grand opening ceremony so I was happy to have such an honour. 

This is my most unforgettable memory.



2nd Prize

許宇婷  XU YU TING  (P4)

    Last month, I visited the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change with my

classmates and Miss Song. It was a joyful and meaningful event.

    In the museum, we saw a polar bear sculpture and some displays showing

what life is like at the North Pole. We learnt that North Pole icecap is melting.

    This has threatened the lives of polar animals. We should cherish our Earth.

This activity has opened our eyes. I am grateful to MKC for giving us this learning




3rd Prize


    This is my first time to be given an award. At first, I felt a bit nervous but

also happy and interested. I received the award 'Excellent service'. That means

I have done great service to my classmates and teachers. I was in Primary Two


    When I was in Primary One, I didn't get any awards. Miss Fung, the principal

said, 'If you don't receive any awards, never mind, you should keep trying

and one day bring some awards home to your mum and dad.' I have remembered

her words for many years.

    This is my school life. I feel happy and blessed.





    I took this photo on a flag day at our school playground. My little sister,

Emily, and I were in the photo on that day. We went to school for the flag

day. We asked our parents to take us to sell flags. We sold a lot of flags and

raised a lot of money. It was amazing. I think it was a great day because my

parents sold flags with us. We also got two free water bottles as gifts. It was

our first time selling flags!





    I am about to graduate and leave my school. I found a picture of me and

my mother at school. I was excited about this photo.

    I remember the day when the photo was taken. I was in the fifth grade and

my mother and I participated in an extra-curricular parent-child activity called

'Growing Sky'. I was glad. I was working with my mother to make a photo frame.

We were very happy to make the frame.

    I think this is a very happy memory. I hope I can have more memories like this

in school. What a glad memory!




蘇琪珊  SU KI SHAN  (P5)

    This photo was taken on 9 March, 2018, on Parents' Day.

    My mother brought me into the classroom. I was very nervous and afraid

that my class teacher would criticize me. Luckily, the class teacher did not

say anything bad but simply talked about my report card with my mother.

I was ranked 40th in the whole term. When I walked out of the classroom,

my mother didn’t scold me. My mother bought some books and walked

around the school. Then, we left the school happily.

    I was very happy on that day.

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