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Classroom activities

P2 Changing materials

P2 Students had fun testing out different materials by bending, stretching, squashing, and twisting! And they haven't forgotten to record their experiment results like actual scientists do!

P3 Transporting water

P3 students wanted to understand how plants 'drink'. Check out their experiments! The result was fun and colorful to see! 

P4 Melting and boiling points

P4 students are using thermometers to check the boiling points and melting points of different substances. That may take some time but our students show patience and perseverance!

P4 Sound travels

"Hello? Can you hear me?" P.4 students are exploring how sound travel through different materials. They also have to chance to apply what they have learnt and create their own musical instruments!

P5 Evaporation and condensation

Did someone drink the water? P5 students are observing the process of evaporation and learning more about its application.

P5 Plant growth

P5 students try to grow mung bean seeds for two weeks and observe the growing process of plants. See how proud they are of their plants!

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