Positive Education

School-based Positive Education Activity Highlights

Positive Education Kick-off Ceremony

Positive Education places great importance on cultivating students' 24 character strengths, allowing them to use their strengths in their daily lives. One of our school's concerns is to create a positive campus culture and hence cultivate students into being self-disciplined, grateful and persistent individuals. This year, our theme is "self-regulation", and we had the "Positive Education Kick-off Ceremony" in the first week of school. Our students all made "I can do it!" promise.

Morning Meeting

Through Morning Meetings, the teacher brings students together, builds a learning environment of mutual respect and trust, and creates a positive learning community so that students have a sense of belonging to their class.

During Morning Meetings, students explore and practise their social skills, and also cultivates their empathy, so that they have the opportunity to understand the needs of others and learn how to care for one another.

Morning Meetings consist of four parts: Greeting, Sharing, Group Activity, and Morning Message.

Parents’ Encouragement

Families play an important role in the growth process of students. Parents and teachers are key players in nurturing the children and so they should have the same goals and create an ideal growth environment for them. Through parents’ encouragement and constructing a positive environment for the children, our students can then learn much more happily.

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