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1. To inculcate interest in studying music among our students so that they can gain happiness, sense of enjoyment and fruitfulness in the learning process;

2. To enhance students’ active listening skills and understanding in music;

3. To help students understand the elements of music including forms, rhythmic patterns and styles;

4. To help students fulfill their musical potential and boost their abilities in communication, appreciation of musical pieces, creativity and imagination;

5. To raise students’ abilities in self-discipline, self-expression, staying focused and coordination;

6. To help students display generic skills exerted by learning music.



WELCOME is the development path of music subject as we believe that each child is an inborn musician with natural musical ability in singing, listening and composition. We hope to inspire our students’ passion in approaching music and express emotions through music by engaging in different types of music-learning activity.

Introduction of in-school activities:

We hold a wide variety of musical activities welcoming all schoolmates to enjoy themselves in such events as Lunch Concert which provides a platform for students practising instruments to display their efforts and make music accessible to all. We will focus on training students to be music student-teachers to assist in promoting musical activities so that they can understand how music functions in our daily life. Increasing students’ chances to perform in front of an audience can help enhance students’ self-expression ability and creativity. A mini concert is held for students to display their creative works and musical intelligence with an aim to strengthen their critical thinking skills.


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