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Visual Arts


1. To encourage students engaging in artistic affairs for self-expression of emotions and thoughts;

2. To stimulate students in expressing internal emotions and thoughts through the medium of visual arts using a diversified range of teaching and learning methods;

3. To help students further develop visual recognition abilities and generic skills so as to enrich their sensory and artistic experiences.



The Visual Arts Department focuses on developing students' collaborative and self-evaluation skills in order to develop their high-level thinking. The projects are done in units all throughout the school year and across year groups. In addition to collaborating with one another, students also keep a record of their creations so that they can review their process and conduct self-evaluation.

In order to maintain an artistic atmosphere, the visual arts room is open from time to time to let students go in and make some crafts. Their work is often related to different themes such as Halloween, Easter, etc., and the visual arts student ambassadors teach students to make small crafts to enhance students' interest in visual art. The school also provides students with acrylic classes, and other activities to enrich students' learning experience.

In addition to displaying works on campus, students also have many opportunities to participate in off-campus competitions, and some may have the opportunity to participate in off-campus exhibitions to show-case their learning outcomes.

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