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Visual Arts

Jockey Club Community Sustainability Fund – Art Out-of-the-box Project

Our school participated in the "Jockey Club Community Sustainability Fund - Art Out-of-the-box Project". In this event, students can discover the fun of artistic creation even when they stay at home. Our P.6 students who participated in the project were given an "Art Out-of-the-box Project" educational booklet. The content is mainly based on the theme of Hong Kong. Through four creative art activities, students portrayed life in Hong Kong from different angles so that they could increase their community awareness and their sense of belonging. Our students learnt from artists online by scanning the QR Codes provided. There was also a collective creation part called "Floating City" for our students to take part in. Our floating city is now complete, with participation from our P.4 to P.6 students. You can go to the following link to look at our students' work :


Jockey Club "How Memory Sticks" Workshop (Phase 3)

Our school joined the Jockey Club "How Memory Sticks" Workshop (Phase 3) from 15th to 23rd June. Our P.4 to P.6 students took part in the workshop and learnt about different things such as artifacts, architectures and paintings. In order to strengthen our students' interest in and understanding of traditional Chinese art and culture, the Jockey Club "How Memory Sticks" Art Education Project launched in 2018. The programme lasts for three years and as the name suggests, the project will look for various "traces" related to traditional Chinese art and culture in today's life. In this way, we can learn to appreciate and respect these precious memories, and cultivate the correct attitude towards today's materialistic world. The project combines virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to develop traditional Chinese art and culture teaching courses suitable for upper primary and lower secondary schools, teacher workshops, multimedia displays and has set up an online platform. It is hoped that through a series of vivid and diversified art education activities, students and the general public can experience the taste of Chinese culture.

If you are interested, you can go to the following website for more information:



“Graduation Booklet” Cover Design Competition

Our P.6 students will graduate soon. In order to draw a successful end to their six years of primary school life, MKC is going to hold an internal graduation ceremony for them on 12th July (Monday). They were also invited to participate in the “Graduation Booklet” cover design competition. The winning design will be printed on the cover of the special booklet. The list of winners includes: LI XIN (1st prize), CHU YUET KWAN (1st runner-up), POON YIK SHUN (2nd runner-up), and ten merit awards (WONG I SUM, LI HAO, CHEUNG KALLIE, ZENG KWAN HO, WONG HO YING, HUANG PEISI, YEUNG CHUN YAN, LIAO CHUN YU, LAW KA CHI ALISTAIR and TSANG TSZ KI. Congratulations to the shortlisted students and hopefully they will continue to work hard as they enter secondary school.

李心 冠軍
朱悅君 亞軍
潘翊舜 季軍
王苡芯 優異
李好 優異
張翹 優異
曾芷琪 優異
曾軍豪 優異
黃可盈 優異
黃培斯 優異
楊隽欣 優異
廖俊宇 優異
羅加智 優異

After-school Interest Classes

This year, the school offers clay creation classes, acrylic classes and pottery classes to provide opportunities for students to be exposed to different types of creative media.

Children Water Tales: Creative Colouring Activity

Our P.2-P.6 students took part in a special activity named " Children Water Tales: Creative Colouring ", organized by the "JC-WISE" team. This project was funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to support the implementation by the School of Social Sciences of the University of Hong Kong. It aims to combine cross-professional sectors to promote understanding of how valuable water resources are and to emphasize the importance of achieving sustainable use of water resources.

The organizer invited the well-known Hong Kong comic creator, Chaoyat to create a children’s animation -"A Journey to the Stream", based on the plot of Tang Sanzang and Monkey King taking the journey to the West as a blueprint to convey to the public the importance of the sustainable use of water resources.

The animation is now complete. We can enjoy the animation at the link below. Students can also pay attention to whether their works have been selected by the comic creator. However, we shouldn’t be disappointed even if our works weren’t included in it because the biggest lesson from this activity is that everyone understands the importance of the sustainable use of water resources and learns to cherish them.

Animation link: www.jcwise.hk/ajourneytothestream

"Reading for Integrity" Project – Online Exhibition

The primary 3 students participated in the "Reading for Integrity" Project. Among them, five students’ works were selected as outstanding works and will be exhibited online together with the other selected works. The students whose works will be exhibited are MA ASHLEY, LIU ZEXI, LIU HOI LAM, LIAO YEUK ON and CHAU HO LEI.

The link to the online exhibition is as follows: ( https://me.icac.hk/content/picturebook/carnival-online.html#handcraft )

You may see all the excellent works by clicking [Primary School (New Territories East)]. You may participate in the other online activities too!

Reading for Integrity Project

The "Reading for Integrity" Project is a brand-new project by the ICAC’s Moral Education for Youth Community Relations Department. It aims to help parents and teachers promote moral education through the production of picture books and a series of training and promotional activities. Please check the following URL for more details: https://me.icac.hk/content/picturebook/index.html/

Our school also applied for the relevant teaching materials and will use them in the primary 3 lessons. We hope that our students can continue to read more during the pandemic, cultivate good morals and maintain a positive attitude.

The picture books will be placed in the school library. Students can read them there, or read the e-books using the following links:

The Boar Bakery:https://me.icac.hk/content/picturebook/book-bakery.html

The Toy Box with Only a Rope:https://me.icac.hk/content/picturebook/book-toys.html

You first Me first:https://me.icac.hk/content/picturebook/book-rules.html

When Flowers Blossom:https://me.icac.hk/content/picturebook/book-blossom.html

Standard Chartered Arts in the Park 2020 - Zentangle

Standard Chartered Arts in the Park is the largest outdoor youth art event and puppet parade in Hong Kong every year. It aims to help young people develop valuable skills through art and provide diversified art education activities. Since everybody has to maintain social distancing during the pandemic, communication is more important than before. Therefore, a series of "Art Fun at Home" activities was organized to provide young people with free art teaching kits. Our school also cooperated with this activity by applying for the relevant teaching kits, which were implemented in grades 4-6, including face-to-face courses and online real-time courses. We hope that our students will also be exposed to art while fighting the pandemic and can also maintain a positive well-being. Later, more students’ works will be collected and displayed on campus.

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