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Transferred Applicant

TWGHs Ma Kam Chan Memorial Primary School

 2023 - 2024  Application for Transfer Admission(1st term)


Acceptance of 2023/24 transfer students' applications (1st term) will be based on student's previous performance, written test performance and interview performance. Should you be interested in applying to be a transfer student at our school, please complete the application form. Selected applicants will be invited for a written test.


Application procedure:

1.    The application form can be collected from the school or downloaded from the school website. Completed application forms should be returned to the school office. (Except for special circumstances, if the relevant required documents are not submitted, the application will not be processed.) The school will contact selected applicants for a written test by phone or text message.


Should you have any questions, please contact the school office by phone.


Required documents:
1.   A photocopy of the Birth Certificate, Hong Kong Identity Card or Passport of the applicant;
2.   A photocopy of the academic report from the most recent school term;
3.   Letter of Recommendation (if any);
4.   A student photo of the applicant;
5.  A photocopy of the applicant's parent's or guardian's Hong Kong Identity Card;
6.  A photocopy of any academic or non-academic certificates e.g. achievements in sports, music, science, etc.


Download Application Form

(Please click to download the Application Form for Transfer Students)


Admission Criteria:

1.    The applicant should have good performance in all the Chinese, English and Mathematics written tests. Should the applicant acquire any other outstanding performances or qualifications, it will also be taken into consideration.

2.    If the applicant has brothers and sisters currently studying at the school, but did not choose the school during the Central Allocation, special arrangement will be made.

3.   If the number of applicants who meet the above criteria exceeds the remaining number of places in the school, priority of admission will be given to the applicants with better performance in the written test and interview.


Admission Notification:

 1.    The school will contact the successful applicant by phone or SMS within five working days of the interview.

 2.    If you have not received any response from the school within the given time period, please consider your application unsuccessful.

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