e-Learning in Schools

The  'e-Learning in Schools'  program was launched in our school in 2013.  Now having 8 years of experience, the program has been extended from P3 to P6.  Two classes of each form were selected to participate in the program.  Students would bring their own iPads to school and use the iPad during their lessons.  We then evaluated the resulting outcomes by both teachers'  observations and a survey of the parents.  The results were encouraging; we found that students'  self learning and performance in English were improved significantly. 

Using English e-books for learning via listening and recording.

Synchronous learning lets the teacher manage the students’ learning outcome.

Classroom interaction – students enjoy the learning atmosphere.

e-Homework – raises the students’ creativity and enhances the learning outcome.


Q: Which subject areas are using e-books?

A: English, Mathematics, General Studies, Putonghua and Computer Literacy.


Q: Do we need to buy a hardcopy of the book after we purchase the e-book?

A: Apart from English, all other subjects can only purchased as an e-book.  This is because the English textbook contains handwriting exercises, and students have to use the hardcopy of the book during the lesson for this purpose.  However, the publishers offer a discount for the e-book and hardcopy book combo.


Q: Does it affect students’ writing skills if use e-book?

A: No, it doesn't.  Classes with and without e-book have the same amount of homework, so students still have enough handwriting homework for practice. 


Q: If students did not turn in the e-homework, does it affect their assignment record?

A: Teachers tailor-make the e-homework assignments for students in order to enrich the students’ learning.  However, e-homework does not count as regular homework.  Although we do strongly recommend that students finish their e-homework as a learning practice as it helps to improve the students’ learning efficiency.


Q: Does it need Internet Wifi access at home?

A: All e-book can be read without a Wifi connection.  However, with a Wifi connection, it is more convenient for the students to turn in their e-homework and practice the online exercises.


Q: How to avoid students downloading their personal online games?

A: Our school uses the MDM system to manage all tablets, therefore students cannot download any APPs without permission.


Q: Will it affect the students' eye condition while using an e-book for learning?

A: We do not spend the whole lesson reading from the tablets, tablets will only be used if needed.  Our school also gives workshops to students to teach them the correct way to safely use tablets.  We hope that our students will utilize the tablet as a learning tool, in order to help them improve their learning performance.

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