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2015-03-27The latest news of campus resettlement

In March 2013, TWGHs submitted a proposal to the Education Bureau to apply a new campus for resettlement. On 8th August 2013, our school was allocated a land in Area 36, Fanling to develop a new campus. The proposal was passed by the Public Works Subcommittee of the Legislative Council on 30th January, 2015 and by the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council on 27th February, 2015. According to the information provided by the Education Bureau, the resettlement will start in June 2015, and to be completed in May 2017. This construction costs $417.2 million. (See More)



地點: 本校禮堂

時間: 上午9:30-11:00

12.5.2015 (二) 培育高EQ的孩子

13.5.2015 (三) 寓正向心理於快樂管教

14.5.2015 (四) 齊來說故事

15.5.2015 (五) 令孩子更聰明



2015-03-12Sports Day

Our Sports Day was completed successfully on 6th March 2015. On the pleasant day, our students took an active part in all contests and they smashed the record in seven events. Congratulations to the winners and hope they will be humble in victory and gracious in defeat, as well as striking for excellence next year. Below are some photos of Sports Day.

2015-03-12All Hong Kong Inter-Area Primary Schools Athletics Competition

Our students, Wing Ching, Ng from P6 and Tsz Fei, Cheung from P5, were the representatives for North District to participate in the All Hong Kong Inter-Area Primary Schools Athletics Competition. They went all out and achieved good results. Tsz Fei, Cheung won the second runner-up for the 4X100 meter relay, and Wing Ching, Ng made a great leap forward by winning the second runner-up for the 400 meter race in 63.01 seconds. Besides, Wing Ching, Ng won the A.S. Watson Group Hong Kong Student Sports Award for the current year by his outstanding performance in track and field.

2015-03-12PTA soya milk and bean curd jelly making workshop

For the purpose of allowing parents and students to have in-depth understanding of the benefits of soya on our bodies, PTA organized a workshop for parents and children to make soya milk and bean curd jelly on 5th March 2015. They experienced how to use the traditional bean grinding method to make soya product, thereby learning to cherish food. On that day, the staff explained the benefits of soya on our bodies and the recipe for making soya milk and bean curd jelly to parents and children first, then they grinded beans by themselves and had fun in making food.



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