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2016-04-15The latest news of campus resettlement

In March 2013, TWGHs submitted a proposal to the Education Bureau to apply a new campus for resettlement. On 8th August 2013, our school was allocated a land in Area 36, Fanling to develop a new campus. The proposal was passed by the Public Works Subcommittee of the Legislative Council on 30th January, 2015 and by the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council on 27th February, 2015. According to the information provided by the Education Bureau, the resettlement will start in June 2015, and to be completed in May 2017. This construction costs $417.2 million. (See More)

2016-12-07Environmental Badge Training

On November 26th, our students visited T Park at Tuen Mun. T Park is a sewage treatment plant where it burns sewage sludge to reduce the burden of the landfill in Hong Kong. The heat energy generated from the incineration process is recovered and turned into electricity that can support the needs of the entire facility. The surplus electricity has the ability to support up to 4000 households.

2016-12-07Environmental Badge Training

On November 12th, our students attended the Environmental Badge training which was organized by The Environmental Campaign Committee in Chai Wan. Students found the topic very interesting and they learnt more about water resources and water conservation.

2016-11-28Territory-wide Young Children’s English Singing Contest

2017 Territory-wide Young Children’s Preliminary English Singing Contest was successfully held on November 19th, 2016.  All kindergarten contestants tried their very best and made brilliant performances.  Thank you so much for actively participating in this great event!  The results are shown as follows,


Awarded Kindergarten

Gold Award

HHCKLA Buddhist Wai Kwong Ka Fuk Kindergarten

Silver Award

Cannan English & Chinese Kindergarten (Sha Tau Kok)

Silver Award

CCWF Choi Po Kindergarten

Bronze Award

Mink Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten* International Pre-School

Bronze Award

Bowie Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten

The final competition will be held on January 14th, 2017 at TWGHs Wong Yee Jar Jat Memorial Primary School.  Details will be given to the kindergarten which has received the gold award.

VCDs and photos will be given to individual kindergartens.  Please enjoy some of them on the website now!

2016-11-28The 68th Annual Hong Kong School Speech Festival

Congratulations!  P3 LAW KA HIN JUSTIN joined the 68th Annual Hong Kong School Speech Festival on Nov 21st and won the 2nd-runner-up position in the ‘Solo Verse Speaking’ category for P3 students.

2016-11-24The 1st Parent Seminar Series: “Contribute to our family together”


Venue: school hall

Time: 9:30-11:00 am


13.12.2015 (Tuesday) “How to develop children’s correct value of money”

14.12.2015 (Wednesday) “How to prevent children from accessing indecent information from the Internet”

15.12.2015 (Thursday) “Anxiety of children and adolescents”

16.12.2015 (Friday) “Parenting and relationships with children”

To enroll online, please click here

To download the application form, please click here

2016-11-22Highlights to The Amazing Flying Programme

The first lesson of “The Amazing Flying Programme” (衝上雲宵飛行計劃) was held on Nov 13th. We are honoured to invite Captain Hugo and Captain Gordon as our guest speakers. They taught our students the history, principle and the structure of a plane. Students then had hands on practice what they’ve learnt. There was also a fun paper plane and plastic bag hot air balloon competition. Students enjoyed the activities very much!

2016-11-22Halloween ActivitiesStudents wore funny costumes to school to celebrate Halloween and joined the Best Costume Competition. Students collected candies from teachers and sang Halloween chants at lunchtime. It was a very fun day!
2016-11-22The 18 Districts Rope Skipping Competition

Congratulations to our P5 TO SAI WAI and P4 TO SAI KIN! They joined the North district skipping team members and attended the 18 Districts Rope Skipping Competition at the Tiu Keng Leng Sports Centre. They won the 2nd-runner-up award. 

2016-11-22North District Area Inter-Primary School Athletics Competition

Our schools’ athletic team joined the North District Area Inter-Primary School Athletics Competition on November 10th and 11th 2016. Our team received the following awards; ‘Boys Grade C Overall 5th place’, ‘Girls Grade C Overall 8th place’, one ‘2nd -Runner-up’, one ‘3rd -Runner-up’ and many ‘Merits’. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the parents and teachers for their generous support.

2016-11-21TWGHs Joint Primary Schools Sports Day

Our school joined the TWGHs Joint Primary Schools Sports Day on October 27th, 2016. Our energetic athletic team won a lot of awards including: ‘Boys Grade C Overall Champion’, four ‘Champions’, seven ‘1st -runner-ups’, three ‘2nd -runner-ups’, five ‘3rd -runner ups’. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our principal for her encouragement, to the parents for their support and to the teachers and staff for their assistance.

2016-11-17Territory-wide Young Children's English Song Singing Contest

To enhance young children's interest and confidence in learning English and to foster professional exchange among teachers of kindergartens, child care centres and nurseries, the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) organizes a wide range of activities and competitions. Among these activities, the Territory-wide Young Children's English Song Singing Contest is organized annually with various tertiary institutions, such as the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Institute of Education.

2016-11-09The 4th Silent Amazing Race

The Silent Amazing Race is the first experiential competition event in Hong Kong for people to experience the silent world. Through various fun games, participants will have the opportunity to experience how people with hearing impairment (HI) face and creatively tackle the obstacles in communication in their daily and school life. It is also a valuable experience for participants to explore alternative communication other than verbal expressions. Our students won the Second runner up in this competition.

2016-11-08Eco Expo Asia 2016

Our students joined the “BEC Low-carbon School - Eco Expo Asia 2016” activity. On that day, Ms Sung led our students to attend the “BEC Low-carbon School 2016” at the AsiaWorld-Expo, Lantau Island. Students also joined the guided tour and learned characteristics of the exhibits. They also listened to a very informative talk with the Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for the Environment Wong Kam-sing. It was an enlightening and educational day for our students.

2016-11-08Shorelines Cleanup Activity

The Shorelines Cleanup Activity - Beach Cleanup at Wu Kai Sha was held on October 23rd, 2016. On the activity day, Ms Sung led our students to Wu Kai Sha beach at Ma On Shan. Our students collected and sorted marine waste and rubbish. They also attended a field visit to learn about nature and the environment of Hong Kong.

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