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2015-05-08The latest news of campus resettlement

In March 2013, TWGHs submitted a proposal to the Education Bureau to apply a new campus for resettlement. On 8th August 2013, our school was allocated a land in Area 36, Fanling to develop a new campus. The proposal was passed by the Public Works Subcommittee of the Legislative Council on 30th January, 2015 and by the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council on 27th February, 2015. According to the information provided by the Education Bureau, the resettlement will start in June 2015, and to be completed in May 2017. This construction costs $417.2 million. (See More)

2015-05-082015 English Topkids Carnival Group Lists!

"2015 English Topkids Carnival" group lists!  If any information is missing, please contact our school as soon as possible.

2015-05-13Result of "Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiads 2015" Trial

Congratulations to P6 CHEN CHUN FAI, P5 AU WING YIN and P3 KUANG CHIN FUNG who were awarded the gold prizes in "Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiads 2015" Trial. Also, our school was awarded 12 sliver prizes and 26 bronze prizes. Congratulations to the students.

2015-05-07Awards from Drama Competition

Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2014/15 – School Performance Congratulations to our school’s drama team! We are pleased to announce that our school has received the following awards from the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2014/15:

Award for Outstanding Stage Effect

Award for Outstanding Cooperation

Award for Commendable Overall Performance

Let's congratulate the following students for receiving the Award for Outstanding Performer: Chan Lok Yin Iris, Ansah Miriam Adjaa, Chu Yan Yan Yoyo, Wong Ho Yin Martin, Lai Shing Hei Jayden, Leung Ka Ki Kylie.

Well done, Drama Team!

2015-05-05Treasure Trove – Dream a Little Dream

There were 100 primary and secondary students eligible for the scholarship of   $ 3000 by the organizer in order to aid them to achieve their dreams in learning.

Congratulations to the following students:


2015-05-04“Book Floating at School ” Logo Competition Result Announcement and Good Works Sharing

The champions’ logo design were printed as stickers and stuck on the books for “Book Floating at School”. 

Junior Division              

Champion                    P.5 LI SIN TUNG              

First Runner-up           P.6 LAM YAN YI              

Second Runner-up      P.6 YEUNG SELINE HOI YING   

Senior Division             

Champion                       P.1 LEUNG KA LAAM           

First Runner-up             P.1 HUANG KWAN SHING        

Second Runner-up        P.2 WONG CHEUK KA CHARLOTTE  

2015-05-044.23 World Book Day Activity

On the World Book Day, teachers share books with the students in the hall. After the sharing, students read their favourite books. “Book Floating at School 2015” (漂書在校園2015) was held too. Students brought their books from home one week before 23rd April and in return they took the books from others on the World Book Day. “Book Swap at School 2015” helps students share books and enhances reading atmosphere. By exchanging books, we are spreading the message of protecting the environment and a culture of sharing to our students.

2015-04-30Good News: Electronic Notice will be soon in a pilot phase!

Electronic Notice will be in a pilot phase from May to July. The implementation of this policy is to enhance the efficiency of home-school communication, so that parents can review and sign the notice anytime. Also, teachers’ workload on receiving paper notice can be reduced, so that they can focus more on teaching. Moreover, using Electronic Notice is environmental-friendly as well as in response to our school’s environmental policy. The Electronic Notice will be issued to parents through smartphone “eClassApp” [Method 1] or electronic notice system of school “eClass” [Method 2], so that parents can consult and reply notice.

Parents will receive a free app account by our school later, please do not inform a third party (including children) of your password and keep it properly. For more details, please visit the Electronic Notice shortcut at our school website.

Thank you for parents’ support in our school policies all the time. We hope that the new scheme for Electronic Notice will be successfully implemented by the support of all parents. Let's try it out together.

2015-04-29The Result of the Preliminary Competition of the Ninth “Shanghai-Hong Kong Writing Competition”(held by New Territories School Heads Association and Shanghai Educational Press Agency )

First Place

P6 Chan Yuen Ting

Second Place

P3 Chan Hei Chi  P5 Chan Po Fung  Au Wing Yin

Third Place

P3 Mo Suk Yan  P4 Au Hoi Yan  Lo Pik Ching

P5 Cheung Tsz Fei  ChiToo Wai Shan

2015-04-29The Result of the Ninth Hong Kong Chinese Oral Communication Final Competition(held by The Hong Kong Institute of Education)

Picture Storytelling (Senior Group): Outstanding Performance Award

P6 Chan Lok Yin   Lau Wing Tung

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