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2016-04-15The latest news of campus resettlement

In March 2013, TWGHs submitted a proposal to the Education Bureau to apply a new campus for resettlement. On 8th August 2013, our school was allocated a land in Area 36, Fanling to develop a new campus. The proposal was passed by the Public Works Subcommittee of the Legislative Council on 30th January, 2015 and by the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council on 27th February, 2015. According to the information provided by the Education Bureau, the resettlement will start in June 2015, and to be completed in May 2017. This construction costs $417.2 million. (See More)

2016-08-24Choosing an ‘IDEAL’ school for your children!

Our school will organise talks related to the strategies on how to choose a suitable primary school for your upcoming K3 children at the Discretionary Places Admission stage in the 2016/2017 School Year. Four identical talks will be launched.  You can register online or in person. 300 places will be offered for each section.  First come, first served!


【黐住女神去Dating】有獎遊戲贏走Plastic Thing設計的八達通袋

Plastic Thing筆下的「女神」唔單止又靚又識嘆,仲要係充滿愛心嘅「港女」!「女神」最近就同「光頭仔」化身成為「東華三院社企大使」,為大家介紹東華三院的3間社企,分別有iBakery愛烘焙、BiciLine單車生態旅遊同CookEasy煮餸易,希望大家多認識社企並同時支持殘疾人士同弱勢社群就業。

女神做大使,當然就唔止睇片咁簡單啦,佢仲邀請大家係8月19日至24日期間參加有奬遊戲,睇完片答啱問題即有機會贏走Plastic Thing設計的「八達通」袋。

即刻去東華三院Facebook專頁(或Instagram (睇短片參加遊戲啦!

下期仲有其他精彩的遊戲,可贏走更多Plastic Thing設計的「萌爆」禮物,記得留意住最新消息或「讚好/Like」東華三院Facebook專頁 / 「追蹤/Follow」東華三院Instagram@tungwahgroup!

2016-07-15Congratulations to our teacher Miss Li Zhou Yang who received the Merit award at the Award Scheme for e-Learning.

The Information Technology in Education Section of the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Education City Limited (HKEdCity) jointly organised The Award Scheme for e-Learning which aims to promote e-Learning and to award teachers who are able to use innovative e-Learning tools to disseminate good e-Learning practice so as to enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching. We are so honored to announce that our teacher Miss Li Zhou Yang received the Merit award. The theme of the awarded project was “Good Boys and Girls”. Our school is the only school that has received this award in English subject in the year.

2016-07-15Reminder: Tung Wah Flag Day 2016

Tung Wah Flag Day will be held on August 31st, 2016.  For those parents and students who have signed up for this activity, please come to our school hall at 7:45a.m. on that day to collect the flag selling kits.  Students have to wear their regular school uniform or their school sports uniform. The activity will end around 12p.m. 

2016-07-14Hong Kong Inter-School Rope Skipping Championships 2016

The Hong Kong Inter-School Rope Skipping Championship 2016 was held on July 9 at Southorn Stadium. This is the first year that our skipping team joined the Group B competition. It requires more techniques and our skipping team worked very hard on the 3-week training. Our team did very well and received the merit award in the competition.

2016-07-13The 2015-2016 Second Term Award Presentation Ceremony

The 2015-2016 Second term award-presenting ceremony was held on July 11, 2016. We would like to congratulate all the award winners. We are looking forward to seeing more students receiving an award in the coming year. Let’s share the memorable and joyful moments! Keep working hard!

2016-07-13Mathematics award ceremony

The Mathematics Award ceremony was held on June 29th. We congratulate our students on their excellent performance at the inter-school mathematics competitions. We hope that they will have even better results next year!

2016-07-13SHKP Reading Club Mini Book Competition

Congratulations to the following students who have received awards in the SHKP Reading Club Mini Book Competition. P6 HAU CHEUK LING received the Silver award in P4-6 Group. P2 HAU CHEUK KWAN received the Bronze award in P1-3 Group. P2 CHIU SHUI KEI and P1 POON YIK SHUN received the Merit awards. They will attend the SHKP Reading Club “Read and Share” Award Ceremony on August 23, 2016.

2016-07-13Award winning “Sun Ya 2016 Primary Students Reading and Writing Competition”

Congratulations to the following students:

P6 CHAN WING LAM received the Champion award in P4-6 Group -Writing.

P6 LAI XILEI received the Merit award in P4-6 Group -Writing.

Both students are invited to attend the “Sun Ya 2016 Primary Students Reading and Writing Competition” award ceremony on July 23rd, 2016.

2016-07-13TWGHs Joint Primary Schools STEM Student Workshop

Fourteen students from our school joined the TWGHs Joint Primary Schools STEM Student Workshop on June 21st, 2016. In this workshop, students were divided into groups and assigned various tasks related to different subjects including General Studies, Mathematics and Computer Science. Students first learned theories on their own at the self-learning section, and then started doing their tasks. The best samples were then selected by teachers, and students needed to explain their products and design concepts. This workshop was a lot of fun for the students as they learnt more about STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

2016-07-13‘iPad class’ Sharing Section

At the iPad class’sharing section, students shared their e-learning work from the past year. Awards were given to students with excellent performance. We hope that students will keep working on IT learning to develop their potential and creativity in the coming year.

2016-07-13June 28th English Elite Team Trip to Ocean Park

On June 28th our English Elite teams P4, P5 and P6 students took a morning trip to Ocean Park. There the students took part in one of two educational programmes; the dolphin programme or the sea lion programme. Students in these programmes got to learn about these wonderful sea animals and their habitats. Two students in the dolphin programme got to touch a dolphin! Although it was a rainy day, all the students were in good spirits and enjoyed the programmes thoroughly.

2016-07-13PTA - Used school uniform recycling and donation programme

The PTA held an “Used school uniforms recycling and donation programme” in June. The programme facilitated parents to donate used school uniforms in support of environmental protection and charitable causes. We are glad that many parents participated in the programme and donated their used summer and winter school uniforms. On June 22nd, The PTA committees and parent-volunteers gave the school uniforms to students in need.

2016-07-13PTA trip – Visit to the Environmental Exhibition & Resource Centre

The PTA committee held a half day trip to the Environmental Exhibition & Resource Centre on June 30th, 2016. The aim of the trip was to educate parents and students more about environmental protection, and how it influences our daily lives. A total of 38 parents and students joined the trip. They first had a guided tour of the centre, followed by activities such as a visit to the exhibition hall and playing interactive games. All the parents and students enjoyed this trip and feel that they have gained more knowledge about environmental protection.

2016-07-13“Parents-Also-Appreciate-Teachers” Drive

The “Parents-Also-Appreciate-Teachers” Drive is an annual activity held by the Committee on Home-School Co-operation. The aim of the programme is to provide a platform for parents to show respect to the teachers who are teaching their children. This year, the PTA gave appreciation cards and drawing paper materials to the parents. Parents could then express their heartfelt gratitude to their children’s teachers by sending them the appreciation cards. During the morning assembly on June 14th, the PTA committees on behalf of all the parents, presented the little gifts and appreciation certificates to our teachers.

2016-07-13Second Term Parent Volunteer PartyWe would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all the parent volunteers for their hard work in the second term. Our PTA Executive Committee chairman Ho Lai Chu Lily and all of the committee members held a parent volunteer party on July 8th, 2016. The PTA prepared some refreshments, and everyone brought some food to share together at the gathering. It was lots of fun!
2016-07-13HKFWS Youth Mediation Scheme Ceremony

Fourteen of our students were selected to join this peer mediation program. After a 10-hour training course, they became peer mediators. They helped to resolve conflicts in the school and provided a harmonious campus for us.

2016-06-302016 International Competition and Assessments for schools

Congratulations to our students P3 CHEN STONE and P4 CHAN TIN YAN who received “High Distinction” results at the “2016 International Competition and Assessments for schools”.  Our students also received a total of 19 Distinctions, 48 Credits and 10 Merits at the competition.

2016-06-302015-2016 Community Youth Club (North District) Annual Award Ceremony

Our students participated in the Community Youth Club activities this year and did very well. On May 23, 2016, our students received many awards at the Community Youth Club (North District) Annual Award Ceremony.

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