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2019-03-18The Naming Ceremony of the Fung Wong Fung Ting Memorial Playground
The naming ceremony of the Mrs Fung Wong Fung Ting Memorial Playground of the school was held on 18th February, 2019. Ms. LAM Sung Kit, the Chief School Development Officer of the North District School Development Section, was invited to officiate the ceremony. The opening ceremony was kicked off by the Chairman of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals cum honorary supervisor, Mr. WONG Yin Chi. The unveiling ceremony of the signage of the Mrs Fung Wong Fung Ting Memorial Playground was hosted by Ms. LAM Sung Kit, Chairman Mr. WONG Yin Chi, Vice Chairman Mr. MA Ching Yeung, Vice Chairman Mr. WAI Ho Man, Director Mr. Derrick FUNG, Director Mr. MO Yu Fung, Director Mrs. FAN TSANG Hei Man, Director Mr. LEE Chak Hol and Director Mr. TSENG Hing Fai. The performances were performed by the school's string orchestra, symphonic band, the choir and the Fun to Move student ambassadors. Everyone enjoyed the performances a lot.
2019-03-15MKC Sports Day

The MKC Sports Day was held on 1st March. The weather was perfect. Two new records were set this year. We hope that our students will continue to try their best and keep improving in the coming year.

2019-03-052018-2019 First Term Award Presentation Ceremony

The 2018-2019 First Term Award Presentation Ceremony was held on 27th February, 2019. Congratulations to the award winners! We look forward to seeing more students receiving awards next term.

2019-03-03"Tell-a-Tale" Children's Storytelling Competition2018/19

A total of 145 students from our school joined the “Tell-a-Tale” children's storytelling competition sponsored by Teacup Productions. We first conducted an on-campus selection and 22 outstanding students were recommended to participate in the preliminary round held on 27th February. During the preliminary round, six outstanding students were then screened to compete in the final round. The six students are now preparing to compete with students from other schools all over Hong Kong. The teachers and judges appreciate all the hard work of all the participating students and hope that the students who enter the final round will make the most of their talents!

2019-02-27The Community Chest Charity Green Walk

On 16th February, 14 of our Community Youth Club members participated in the Community Chest Charity Green Walk organized by the Community Youth Club North District Committee. Our students walked along the river under the warm weather. They got to look at the beautiful scenery and raised money for the needy. A big thank you to all the parents for their kind donations, and to all the teachers, office staff and janitors for their assistance in making it happen.

2019-02-25P.6 Education Camp

Our P6 students attended an exciting 3 day and 2 night education camp in Cheung Chau. They did a project on the Environment, visited Cheung Po Tsai Cave and had night parties. Through this camp, students learnt to care for each other, appreciate each other and learn from each other. After visiting some scenic spots in Cheung Chau, they also learned the importance of environmental protection. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to both the coaches of The Caritas Jockey Club Ming Fai Camp and Oi Fai Camp and to the teachers for their assistance.

2019-02-25Mainland Exchange Programme (Dongguan) Study Tour

Our P5 students joined the Mainland Exchange Programme (Dongguan) Study Tour on 29th-30th January, 2019. During the study tour, students learned about the Revolution of 1911, the biography of Mr. Sun Yat-sen, the struggle of Mr. Sun's reform ideals and his contributions to the country. Through studying the history of the destruction of opium at Humen, students learned about the importance of protecting our country and never giving up. Students also learned to take care of, share with and to love one another. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the EDB, the staff of Wofoo Social Enterprises and to the teachers for their kind assistance.

2019-02-182018-2019 2nd Term Opening Ceremony

A new school term has begun! It is fantastic to see all the happy faces on the school campus again. We hope all our students can continue to do their best in the coming term.

2019-02-16Read & Share Project

Our school participated in the Read & Share Project of the SHKP Reading Club. One of the activities was “Our STEM Living” and they invited some overseas exchange students of the AFS Intercultural Exchanges to visit our school on February 16th. Two AFS students from Finland and Sweden talked with our students about the local life culture and what they had learned in the STEM class. The students enjoyed listening to the sharing by the two exchange students and deepened their understanding of school life in Northern Europe.

2019-02-16PTA Local Guided Tour

On February 16th, 62 parents and students participated in a Local Guided Tour under the North District Signature Project Scheme organised by the North District Office. That day we joined a guided tour led by four experienced geological park guides to Kat O and Ap Chau. In addition to learning about local geomorphology and other geological knowledge, the tour guides also explained the culture and history of Kat O and the Ap Chau to us. Students could also make tea pots by themselves. This journey made us realize that "Traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books." We sincerely thank the staff and guides of the North District Office for their thoughtful arrangement and explanation.

2019-02-14Chinese New Year Fun Day

The Chinese New Year Fun Day was held successfully in both Choi Yuen and Ching Shing Campus on January 31st and February 1st. Thanks to the preparation of the parent volunteers, the students were able to enjoy the booth games and the Chinese New Year food. Everyone had a great time. Also, a big congratulation to the winners of the best Chinese traditional costume award. Let’s take a look at some photos and share the joy of the day!

2019-02-01Adventure-based Training Workshop for Prefects

Through adventure-based group activities, students learnt about the importance of building team spirit, mutual trust and how to deal with a crisis situation. Students put in a lot of effort and enjoyed the activities. Throughout the activities, they showed respect to one another and learnt to cooperate better. We hope that the students participating students will be able to take relevant skills from the workshop and can then apply them with their classmates at school. Let’s take a look at the photos from that day!

2019-01-31PTA Trip

The first PTA trip of the year was held on 26th January, 2019. About 300 students and parents joined the event. Everyone had the chance to relax and have fun. Students and parents immersed themselves in nature, they looked at some cute animals and went bowling together afterwards. After having a delicious lunch at the Lung Wah Hotel, they went to a farm, made pizza and enjoyed it on the spot. The activities throughout the day were so much fun! Everyone had a great time!

2019-01-25PTA visits the Yakult Factory

Primary 1-4 students went to the Yakult Factory in Tai Po on January 18th, 21st and 22nd with their parents. Everyone was excited to learn about the making of the Yakult drinks and the packaging process. Parents and students even learned about the importance of intestinal health through a staff presentation. Everyone had a great time!

2019-01-152018-2019 Annual School Trips
The long-awaited school trips were held on December 19, 2018. P1 students went to Tai Po Waterfront Park. P2 students visited Lai Chi Kok Park. P3 and P4 students went to Wu Kai Sha Youth Village. P5 and P6 students spent the day at the Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Center. All of the students and teachers had a wonderful time!
2019-01-14TWGHs Joint Primary School Soccer Competition

The TWGHs Joint Primary School Soccer Competition was held on 2nd December. There were six categories of competitions (Boys: senior, intermediate, junior and Girls: senior, intermediate, junior). A total of 113 teams (71 boys’ teams and 42 girls’ teams) took part in the event. Our school was represented by 8 teams, 4 boys’ and 4 girls’ teams, with a total number of 59 students taking part in the games. After the long battles, all 8 of our football teams advanced to the top 8 of the competition and achieved numerous team and individual outstanding results. (See “Achievement” for more details) We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our principal for her encouragement, to our PE teachers for their continuous guidance, to our accompanying teachers for their assistance and to the parents for their support (especially to the fifty parents who watched the games in the field).

2018-12-21The MTR Little Regulator Activity

Forty parents and students joined the MTR Little Regulator activity on 16th December, 2018. They visited the workplace of the MTR regulators, learned about the daily operation of the MTR trains, and even entered the control room of the MTR trains. It was such an eye-opening experience. The students dressed up as MTR Little Regulators and distributed "safety" stickers to the passengers at the MTR Tai Wo station lobby. They also used the "stop" signs. Everyone was so enthusiastic!

2018-12-11Fruitful Reading Moments

Since September, students have participated in a variety of reading activities. Let's take a look at the precious moments of our students enjoying these different activities.

2018-12-11TWGHs North District Schools Reading Ambassador Scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to cultivate the interest of elite students in the four primary and secondary schools in the North District, motivating them to read English books and to teach students reading strategies and techniques. In addition, it can also strengthen exchange and connections among the students of the five kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools in the North District.

2018-12-012018 K-Bot Mini Car Competition

Nine of our P.4 and P.5 students joined the 2018 K-Bot Mini Car Competition organized by DLS Secondary School. Our students were put into three teams of three and all three of the teams did well during the competition. One of the teams won the third runner-up. Congratulations!

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