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2018-05-24“One School, Two Campuses” 2018/19

At the request of the Education Bureau, our school‘s operating mode will be changed to “One School, Two Campuses” in 2018/19 school year to solve the shortage of school places in North District.  9 classes of primary 1 students who get admitted to our school in the upcoming September will study at Choi-Yuen-Estate campus; Primary 2 to primary 6 students will stay at Ching-Shing-Road campus. All primary 1 students will move to Ching-Shing-Road campus to continue their learning in 2019/20 school year.

In the operation mode of”One School, Two Campuses”, we have more space for student activities and development. We will create a more ideal learning environment for our students. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to TWGHs board of directors for their generous support. With TWGHs resources, we are able to provide comprehensive care to our students.

Details of “One School, Two Campuses”will be announced in the upcoming parents meeting. Please pay attention.

2018-10-03Reading & Writing Awards
Congratulations to the following students for attaining prizes in reading and writing competitions arranged by different organizations. Details are as follows: P4 LIN XUAN joined 「新雅文化2018小學生創意閱讀及寫作大賽」(專題閱讀報告)」organized by Sun Ya Publications and attained 2nd Runner-up. P3 SIU CHI PANG attended the “Read and Share” Award Ceremony organized by the SHKP Reading Club and was awarded “Reading Star”.
2018-10-03Integrated Studies: Knowing our Campus, We are MKC Family
Our P.1 students have been studying at the school for a month now. As part of the school curriculum, our Integrated Studies programme teaches our students about the school. For the first session, a welcoming ceremony was held and our P.1 students were introduced to the rules and manners we should adopt here at MKC. During the second session, class teachers took the students on a campus tour and showed them the different facilities available in the school. For the third session, our students got to know more about the people who work at the school. Students first learned skills to be able to interview others. Then they had the chance to talk to different people at the school and interview them. They chatted with Principal Fung, the school social worker, the office staff, the janitors and also the teaching assistants.
2018-10-03A visit from our Sister School in Hangzhou
On 26th September, we had a one-day interflow programme with teachers and students from Hangzhou Shifan Daxue Diyi Fushu Xiaoxue, our Sister School from Hangzhou. After the welcoming ceremony, various activities were held and our students quickly became friends with one another.
2018-09-26Prize Presentation Ceremony for Student of the Year Award cum DSE outstanding Awards
The 2017-2018 Prize Presentation Ceremony for Student of the Year Award cum DSE outstanding Awards was held on 14th July, 2018. One of our students from class 6D, Wang Yu Tung, was awarded the overall First Prize Student of the Year Award. A former student, Wong Kai Ming was awarded the Student of the Year Award with Merit. Also, Xiong Yu Fei from 6A was awarded the Student of the Year Award for extra-curricular activities. We are so proud of our students!
2018-09-26New life as Primary One students
School has been in session for a week already and we welcome all the primary one students to our school. Apart from getting used to the new environment, they also need to learn many different rules. How was their first week at school? Let’s take a look at some photos and share the happiness with them.
2018-09-11Opening Ceremony 2018-2019
Another new school year has begun. We welcomed all the new students and teachers to our school. We were glad to see all their happy faces. We hope that our students will enjoy learning, do their best and show how disciplined and loving they are. This year, our P1 students will study in the Choi Yuen campus. All the students were so enthusiastic about studying at MKC. During the opening ceremony, Principal Fung wished the students a year of success. Our students are all so eager to learn!
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