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2018-05-24“One School, Two Campuses” 2018/19

At the request of the Education Bureau, our school‘s operating mode will be changed to “One School, Two Campuses” in 2018/19 school year to solve the shortage of school places in North District.  9 classes of primary 1 students who get admitted to our school in the upcoming September will study at Choi-Yuen-Estate campus; Primary 2 to primary 6 students will stay at Ching-Shing-Road campus. All primary 1 students will move to Ching-Shing-Road campus to continue their learning in 2019/20 school year.

In the operation mode of”One School, Two Campuses”, we have more space for student activities and development. We will create a more ideal learning environment for our students. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to TWGHs board of directors for their generous support. With TWGHs resources, we are able to provide comprehensive care to our students.

Details of “One School, Two Campuses”will be announced in the upcoming parents meeting. Please pay attention.

2018-12-11Fruitful Reading Moments

Since September, students have participated in a variety of reading activities. Let's take a look at the precious moments of our students enjoying these different activities.

2018-12-11TWGHs North District Schools Reading Ambassador Scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to cultivate the interest of elite students in the four primary and secondary schools in the North District, motivating them to read English books and to teach students reading strategies and techniques. In addition, it can also strengthen exchange and connections among the students of the five kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools in the North District.

2018-12-102018 – 2019 North District Area Inter-Primary Schools Football Competition
Our boys and girls football teams participated in the 2018 – 2019 North District Area Inter-Primary Schools Football Competition from 2nd – 13th November 2018. Both teams performed brilliantly! Our boys’ team were champions for the second year in a row. Our girls’ team won the 1st runner-up. We would like to express heartfelt thanks to our principal for her encouragement, to our PE teachers for their guidance and to the parents for their support.
2018-12-10Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows Symphonic Band Contest
Congratulations! After several months of training, the school's Symphonic Band went to the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai to participate in the 2018 Youth Music Interflows Symphonic Band Contest on December 5th and they won the silver award! A total of 35 band members participated in the contest. Under the guidance of the instructor, band members learned to face challenges with the correct attitude. In addition, the contest was a valuable experience for our students to watch other wonderful performances of other local primary and secondary schools.
2018-12-10Mathematics Treasure Hunt Activity
To enrich students’learning experience, we held a Mathematics Treasure Hunt Activity for P.4 to P.6 students. Our students were eager to work out the different math problems and enjoyed the activity very much.
2018-11-26Visit from teachers and students from Shanghai JinCai Experimental Primary School

We are pleased to receive an exchange group from Shanghai Jincai Experimental Primary School. Their headmaster, 8 teachers and 24 students came to visit our school on 26th November, 2018. First, a welcoming ceremony was held in the hall. Then the students had lessons with our P5 students and a football match with our school football team. A good rapport was developed between the two schools.

2018-11-224th International 4D Frame Mathematics and Science Creativity Competition
Congratulations to P.6 students Wang Yu Tung and Wang Yuen Ting! They participated in the 4th International 4D Frame Mathematics and Science Creativity Competition held in South Korea on 19th – 22nd October and received the Encouragement Prize. Students from Korea, Sweden, Mongolia and other countries all joined this big event. They had to design a model and complete a challenge mission using the 4D Frame materials provided by the organizer.
2018-11-152019 Territory-wide Young Children’s English Song Singing Contest

On November 10th, our school held a district selection competition for the 2019 Territory-wide Young Children’s English Song Singing Contest. A total of 18 kindergartens participated in the contest. In order to win the performance, the children all wore beautiful costumes and had many props with them. The judges could tell that they had spent a lot of effort on their performances and the level of performance was very high. In the end, Mink Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten / Mink International Pre-School won the Gold Award and will now be representing the North District and Tai Po in the finals of the Territory-wide Young Children’s English Song Singing Contest on January 19, 2019. Here, I would like to thank all the participating schools for their support during the event.

2018-11-15PTA visits The Future of Living Expo

Our PTA held a visit to The Future of Living Expo on 10th November. The exhibition was hosted by Shun Hing Group. There are four exhibition sites and the parents were most interested in the old household products section while the students were most interested in exploring the new technologies and game-changing innovation for Smart Living sections.

2018-11-15Hong Kong Technology & Renewable Energy Events 2018

The Hong Kong Technology & Renewable Energy Event 2018 was held on November 10th in the Science Park. Our P.6 students Huang Tak Lung and Huang Ka Yiu won runner-up in the solar model car competition, while Tsang Tsz Wai, Ng Lok Hang and So Tsz Sin were awarded third place in the model ship competition. Congratulations to all the students who won. In addition, these students also joined the InnoCarnival 2018. They learnt about how various creative technologies can facilitate human life, such as coin sorting machines, smart belts and so on. After the eye-opening event, the students have increased their interest in studying science.

2018-11-12TWGHs Joint Primary Schools Sports Day

Our athletes participated in TWGHs Joint Primary Schools Sports Day on 30th October and won multiple awards including three gold medals, three 1st runner-ups, five 2nd runner-ups, two 3rd runner-ups and one record-breaking prize. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our principal for her encouragement, to the parents for their support and to the teachers and staff for their assistance.

2018-11-12The kick-off ceremony for “Fun to Move@JC”

The kick-off ceremony for “Fun to Move@JC” was successfully completed on October 24, 2018. The event was held simultaneously at the Ching Shing Campus and the Choi Yuen Annex Campus. On that day, more than 200 parents joined the event and witnessed 41 students being appointed as "Child Ambassadors". They will help the school carry out different activities. All the students are encouraged to perform morning exercises. I hope that parents and classmates will actively support this activity and practice a healthy and active lifestyle together.

2018-11-10P1 Science Experiment: Secrets of Ecospheres
In order to cultivate students’ curiosity about the world and to enhance their scientific thoughts, P1 students have Science lessons once a week, aiming to grasp the basic concepts and research methods of Science. As part of our curriculum, students experienced a science experiment for the first time, learning about Ecospheres. Inside the fascinating Science Lab, students had chances to use Magnifying Glasses to observe the Ecospheres as well as to design their own Ecospheres with Magna Doodles. Not only did they learn about living things, environments and biodiversity, but they also developed positive attitudes toward team collaboration and a reverence for life.
2018-11-09The PTA Annual General Meeting

The PTA Annual General Meeting was held on November 9, 2018 and was well attended by a lot of parents. During the meeting, different annual reports were reviewed and Certificates of appreciation were presented to the 2017/2018 parent volunteers. There was a seminar for the parents and we were honored to invite the social worker, Ms. Lo Yuen Ping from TWGHs Parents Academy as our guest speaker. Ms. Lo taught us how to motivate children through games and introduced a couple of interesting Parent-child mini games to us. This seminar was seen as really useful by the parents.

2018-11-08Learning from Playing – Inter-class Games

Students participated in the Inter-class Games in the Integrated Studies class. The class consists of both theoretical and practical elements. Students first learned about solidarity and good sportsmanship. Then they went to the school hall to play some exciting games. During the games, students played hard, cheered their classmates on and showed good sportsmanship.

2018-11-02All HK Inter-Primary School 5-a-side Football Competition 2018-2019

Our school’s boys’ and girls’ football teams participated in the All HK Inter-Primary School 5-a-side Football Competition 2018-2019 during 8th-22nd October. Our boys’ team got 3rd runner-up out of 167 teams. Our girls’ team also made it to the top 16 teams. We hope that our boys and girls will continue to strive for their best and that this experience will lead them to more victories.

2018-11-01Plastic Resources Education: 3Rs & 3Cs Programme Joint-school Carnival 2018

We were invited to set up booths in CCC Kei Chun Primary School to promote the environment protection concept of “Less Plastic”.

2018-10-29Halloween Activities

Students celebrated Halloween by wearing funny costumes and going trick-or-treating at school. They also recited some Halloween chants and watched some Halloween cartoons during lunch. Most of our students dressed up for the Best Costume Competition. What a happy day!

2018-10-262018-2019 Parent Seminars

Parent seminars will be held in November, May and June this academic year. The details are as follows:

School-based Parent Seminars

 Date and Time



9 /11/2018(Fri)


Seven Parent-Child  Games to Cultivate Your Child’s Autonomy

Ms Lo Yuen Bing, Registered Social Worker from TWGHs



Mindfulness Listening: The Power of Lyrics

Ms Yeung Ka Wing, Registered Social Worker from TWGHs



Using Mindfulness to Manage Emotions

Ms Lo Yuen Bing, Registered Social Worker from TWGHs



“New” Wisdom from Body Movements














Joint Schools Parents Seminar

Date and Time





Cultivating Children’s Learning Abilities




Cultivating Children’s Social Abilities



Cultivating Children’s Problem-solving Abilities



Cultivating Children’s Creativity

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