Primary School 4x100 Invitation Relay
Girls' Champion
Boys' 1st runner-up
Henan-Hong Kong-Macau Sister School Competitions
1st Prize (Recitation)
2nd Prize (Recitation)
3rd Prize (Recitation)
1st Prize (Drawing)
2nd Prize (Drawing)
3rd Prize (Drawing)
The 21st P6 Academic Contest
Chinese Gold Award
Chinese Silver Award
Chinese Bronze Award
English Gold Award
English Silver Award
English Bronze Award
Mathematics Gold Award
Mathematics Silver Award
Mathematics Bronze Award
2023-2024 North District Area Inter-Primary School Athletics Competition
Girls A 60m Merit
Girls A 200m Champion
Girls A 400m 3rd runner-up
Girls A 4x100m Relay Merit
Girls B Long Jump Champion
Girls B High Jump Champion
Girls B 60m Merit
Girls B 100m Merit
Girls B 200m 1st runner-up
Girls B 4x100m Relay 3rd runner-up
Girls C 60m Merit
Girls C 100m Merit
Boys A Long Jump 1st runner-up
Boys A Softball 2nd runner-up
Boys A 100m Merit
Boys A 200m Merit
Boys B Softball Merit
Boys B 200m Merit
Boys C 100m 2nd runner-up
Girls A Team Merit
Girls B Team 2nd runner-up
"National Day Cup" Celebration of the 74th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China Student Essay Competition
1st runner-up (Primary School)
2023 International Mathematical Science & Creativity Competition
Mechatronics I competition Gold Medal
Creativity III competition Gold Medal
The North District Area Inter-Primary Schools Football Competition
Boys' Football Champion
Boys' Outstanding Athlete
Girls' Football Champion
Girls' Outstanding Athlete
37th North District Swimming Gala 2023
Boys Group H – 200m freestyle – 2nd runner-up
Boys Group I – 50m butterfly – 2nd runner-up
Boys Group I – 200m butterfly – Champion
Boys Group I – 50m breaststroke – 2nd runner-up
Boys Group I – 100m breaststroke – 2nd runner-up
Girls Group I– 100m backstroke– Champion
Girls Group I– 50m backstroke – Champion(*Record-breaking)
Girls Group I– 100m butterfly– Champion(*Record-breaking)
Girls Group H – 100m freestyle – Champion
Girls Group H– 200m individual medley – Champion
Girls Group H– 100m butterfly – Champion
Girls Group H– 50m breaststroke – 1st runner-up
Girls Group H– 100m breaststroke – 2nd runner-up
Girls Group I– 200m freestyle – Champion
Girls Group I– 100m backstroke– 1st runner-up
Girls Group I– 50m butterfly– Champion
2023-2024 North District Inter-school Table Tennis Competition
National Youth Space Innovation Competition
1st Prize
Ching Shing (Main Campus)
: 2 Ching Shing Road, Sheung Shui, N.T.
: 2671 1071
:2671 1079
Choi Yuen (Annex)
:Choi Yuen Estate, Sheung Shui, N.T.
: 2606 7891
:2606 7232
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